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It's now easier to make decisions!

Our application will help you create as many wheels as you want. It is completely free

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Create as many wheels as you want.
Also, you can create wheels with images


Add, color and edit as many options as possible to the wheels


Share the wheels you create with other users, sell it and get credit

Sometimes making a decision can turn into a really time-consuming action.

For example, what should I wear today? What movie should I watch? What should I eat? as. How about making this more fun?

Making this more fun and simple using our app is now just a finger away!

All you have to do is download our application and create wheels with different options from the menu, the subject you want, and different language options, and then decide to spin! It's so simple to interact with users from all over the world!
You can create as many wheels as you want, you can help other users by putting these wheels on the market in our application and earn credits from it!

Create as many wheels as you want

Support for more than 15 languages

Share Others


Yes/No Question

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Rainbow Wheel

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Wheel with Images

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